Chiara Bassetti, PhD, is an ethnographer and ethnomethodologist focusing on social interaction with particular attention to performative, embodied and affective aspects, on the one hand, and the role of artifacts and technologies, on the other. | profile@unitn | |
Paolo Boccagni is is a sociologist and an ethnographer. He is Principal Investigator of ERC HOMInG – the home-migration nexus. His research focuses on the lived experience of home, particularly among migrants and refugees. He has published in the fields of migration, transnationalism, diversity and social welfare. | profile@unitn |
Andrea ‘mubi’ Brighenti, PhD, is a social theorist with an interest in spatial, visual and urban phenomena. | profile@unitn | | | web
Alberto Brodesco. Media Studies. He has published extensively about the limits of representation (violence, death, pornography, freaks) and the technoscientific imagery on audiovisual media (cinema, television, YouTube). | profile@unitn |
Anna Casaglia is a political geographer with expertise in conflict and space, borders and migration, the spatial aspects of power relations, the relationship between bodies and space within a structural frame of power, inequality and violence, critical geopolitics. | profile@unitn |
Andrea Cossu is a cultural sociologist interested in social theory, the sociology of creativity, and memory studies. His current work is focused on the emergence and institutionalization of haute cuisine in Italy since the 1970s. | profile@unitn
Gabriele D’Ottavio is a historian with expertise in XXth century German and European history. He is currently working on the political, cultural and media narratives of Europe from World War I to the Cold War. | profile@unitn | |
Giolo Fele is a sociologist of communication and cultural processes. He focuses on the analysis of social interaction, using naturalistic and ethnographic research methods; the role of symbolism and rituals in social life; the study of social organization of discourse and conversation in context. | profile@unitn | |
Ester Gallo is an anthropologist and an ethnographer with research interests in colonialism and memory, migration and religious transformation, material culture, kinship and class. She has conducted extensive fieldwork in India, Italy and Turkey. | profile@unitn | |
Georgios Glouftsios is a political sociologist with research interests in policing and surveillance infrastructures, the management of borders and migration, state secrecy, and the production of (non-)knowledge in security apparatuses. Website:  
Silvia Sacchetti is an economist with research interests in the inclusive development of economies, which she studies from the point of view of third sector organisations and inclusive governance structures. She focuses on cooperative firms and social enterprises, recently studied in the context of cultural and welfare services. Her research has addressed also the role of creativity, social capital, and individual motivations in enterprise and local development. | profile@unitn | | | research_project | interview
Giuseppe Sciortino is a sociologist interested in social theory, international migration and the social dimension of sexual and erotic life. He is currently working, with Martina Cvajner, on a cultural history of the sexual revolution. | profile@unitn | |
Domenico Tosini is a sociologist interested in the history of sociology, social systems theory, suicide and violence. | profile@unitn