The research unit Action, Culture, Meaning, and Experience (ACME) promotes research, debate, and teaching on the cultural dimension of social life. It is a site where participants may explore together meaning-making processes, action in interaction, and the production, consumption and communication of cultural artefacts.

More specifically, ACME:

  1. Promotes and coordinates theoretical and empirical research activities to study interactions, discourses, and written, visual and multimedia texts. Whereas the main focus is sociological, it operates within a wider interdisciplinary perspective;
  2. Supports networking, collaboration and debate among scholars –locally, nationally, and internationally; 
  3. Offers research-based knowledge and ideas to interested institutions and organizations, within the academy as well as the civil society;
  4. Encourages the public dissemination of research findings;
  5. Supports the development of teaching initiatives at the undergraduate and post-graduate level, as well as lifelong training;
  6. Provides students (and to anybody interested) a place where to enjoy the study of cultural and communicative phenomena.

ACME is based at the DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY – UNIVERSITY OF TRENTO, Via Verdi, 26 – 38122 Trento, Italy

The research group has been founded by: Chiara Bassetti, Andrea mubi Brighenti, Alberto Brodesco, Anna Casaglia, Andrea Cossu, Gabriele D’Ottavio, Giolo Fele, Ester Gallo, Silvia Sacchetti, Giuseppe Sciortino, Domenico Tosini (see members section).

ACME is an Affiliated Center of the Center for Cultural Sociology of the Yale University.